Dr. Sunil Bandishti is a Consulting Neurophysician in Pune, practising at the SB Institute of Neurology and Rehabilitation located on Dhole Patil Road. He is also attached to the Ruby Hall Clinic and Columbia Asia Hospital in Pune. In clinical practice since 1999, Dr. Bandishti has vast experience in all aspects of Neurology.

Dr. Sunil Bandishti completed his MBBS and MD from BJ Medical College in Pune. After a nine-month stint as Lecturer in Medicine at Bharati Medical College in Pune until March 1995, he moved to TN Medical College & BYL Nair Hospital in Mumbai. He was designated as Registrar in the Department of Neurology of this institution while he trained for the DM (Neurology) superspeciality degree, which he was awarded by Mumbai University in 1999. Dr. Bandishti simultaneously acquired the title of Diplomate of the National Board (DNB) in Neurology from the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi.

During his tenure at TN Medical College Dr. Bandishti taught postgraduate Neurology students in his role as Registrar, and was later designated as Lecturer in Neurology, from July 1998 to March 1999. He has presented papers at conferences of the Neurological Society of India and co-authored articles published in medical journals. Since 2001 Dr. Bandishti has participated as Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials of drugs and treatments for various neurological ailments.

  • Thesis submitted to Mumbai University: Intractable Epilepsy.

  • Clinical Trials: Principle Investigator in many clinical trials including Safinamide in advanced Parkinsons disease, VITATOPS, PROFESS, Pregabalin in resistant epilepsy, etc. 2001 to 2014.

  • Publications
  • Neurological manifestations of Hypereosinophilic syndrome. Paper presented at NSI conference. 1995.

  • Acetazolamide responsive ataxia and myoclonus syndrome. Paper presented at NSI conference. 1996.

  • Topiramate in intractable epilepsy. Arun Shah, Sunil BandishtiNeuroscience Today. April 1999.

  • Diagnosis and management of CNS infections. RS Wadia, Sunil BandishtiJournal of Internal Medicine of India. Oct-Dec 1999; Vol.  2, No. 4; pp. 379-393.

  • Hyperhomocysteinaemia and Vitamin B12 defeciency in ischaemic strokes in India. RS Wadia, NC Edul, S Bhagat, S Bandishti, R Kulkarni, S Sontakke, S Barhadi, M Shah. Ann Ind Acad Neurol. 2004, Vol.7: 387-392.

  • MBBS: BJ Medical College, Pune. University of Pune. 1991.

  • MD (Internal Medicine):  BJ Medical College, Pune. University of Pune. 1994.

  • DM (Neurology): TN Medical College, Mumbai. Mumbai University. 1999.

  • DNB (Neurology): Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. 1999.

  • Teaching Experience: Lecturer in Medicine. Bharati Medical College, Pune. Jun 1994 to Mar 1995. 

  • Teaching Experience: As Registrar in Neurology, TN Medical College, Mumbai. Postgraduate teaching experience. 

  • Teaching Experience: Lecturer in Neurology, Department of Neurology, TN Medical College & BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai. Jul 1998 to Mar 1999. 

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